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2015 Activities photos (June 16 and 3rd Annual National Girl Empowerment Conference)

About Anita Koroma

Short Profile Anita Koroma is a child/girls rights activist, trainer on gender issues, mentor and coach on girl’s empowerment and leadership. In 2007 Anita founded the Guadalupe Old Girls Association-UK (GOGA-SISTERS) and she was instrumental in mobilizing to raise funds for her alma mater. GOGA supported a school library and computer lab as well top-up fees, uniforms, and school dinners for 100 girls up to university. After visiting Sierra Leone in 2009 after 11years rebel war that took so many lives and rape of women and girls which left the country in poverty. Anita saw the need to expand the work of her Alma mater to a nationwide work which her colleagues were not ready to undertake. Due to her passion and story she saw the need to establish a project that will benefit girls nationwide. In 2011 with the permission of Betty Makoni she founded Girl Child Network Sierra Leone (GCNSL) with little does she knows that she will quit her social work job with no funds to work in her war torn country with no salary. Anita was born and raised in Lunsar town, northern region of Sierra Leone. Anita struggled for an education and she experience abuse raise from a polygamous home, she was poisoned three times by her step-mothers but escape death. She was left to sleep in the dark night outside the house when she chooses to study to her friend’s house. Anita now holds a BA in Professional Studies and BA (Hons) in Social Work in the UK. She has prevously worked with Save the Children International in Sierra Leone as a Patient Care Manager at the Ebola treatment Centre Kerry town. Anita story is featured in the last chapter of the global award champion of 44 accolade Betty Makoni’s book Never Again. Anita is an advocate for girls in similar circumstances and is passionate about influencing leaders to change policies, attitudes, and laws that are detrimental to the growth and development of the girl child. GCNSL has a national office and through its outstanding activities it has gained local NGO statues in 2013. GCNSL main focus is empowering the girl child in the home, school and community by rescuing girls at risk, sexually abused girls, those mistreated by carers. She is sending them back to school and support them with training. Up to date she uses her skills, passion and funds to provide scholarships, learning materials for vulnerable girls and has over 3000 beneficiaries. GCNSL also coaches and mentors young girls for leadership and has established 53 girls empowerment clubs nationwide. GCNSL has set up up a girls rescue centre to provide refuge for abused girls and a resource center in Freetown. GCNSL organize annual national girl’s conference and has set up the first ever girls economic empowerment project (Money from our Hands) which five girls clubs has benefited for girls at risk. Anita champions the global campaign for the International Day of Menstrual Hygiene Management for (28th May 2014) she is the National Coordinator (Sierra Leone) for Wash United in Germany. She is the focal leader for the World Children Prize Foundation for the right of the Child in Sweden and has been organizing child rights programmes in Sierra Leone. Anita is a mother of 3 two boys and a girl and foster career of over 10 other children in Sierra Leone.

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