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GCN Sierra Leone has currently concentrated on specific areas of operation in Sierra Leone and due to its replication strategy; its operations have been expanding. During the period up to December 2012, GCN Sierra Leone covered 3 provinces with 6 districts out of 12 districts in Sierra Leone, with a population of over 6 million people. 80 % of GCN Sierra Leone work is in the provinces and rural areas.
During the period 2011 to September 2016, GCN Sierra Leone plans to cover all the 4 provinces and expand from covering 12 districts, if resources will permit all the districts in Sierra Leone. This should see GCN Sierra Leone expanding its operations to directly reach all the girls and indirectly reach and be acknowledged by the entire Sierra Leonean populace of 6 million people.

92 Circular Road, 1st Floor, CLC Bookshop
P. O. Box 825
Freetown, Sierra Leone

00232-78781444 / 76-612939


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