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Girl Child Network Sierra Leone Official Launch on 1st December 2011

posted Oct 19, 2011, 12:14 PM by Anita Koroma [ updated Feb 12, 2012, 7:11 AM ] Girl Child Network Sierra Leone comes in to fill in a very critical void in support for girls by providing direct general support to individual girls in communities where they lack the financial means to reach their potential and psychosocial support. The organisation will meet girls’ educational and medical expenses as well as shelter girl in need. The organisation has in place empowerment villages which house survivors of abuse at a time when they need psychosocial support, protection from perpetrators and legal assistance. The organisation assists orphaned and vulnerable girls by sending them to school, providing for medical care and other basic needs. In efforts to grant them access to education which will help map their tomorrow. It is in the great hope of the organisation that educated girls when they get employment, they will provide for themselves and their siblings. Thus doing away with a culture where girls engage in risky sexual behaviours to earn money for survival, which may expose them to the HIV and AIDS pandemic

However, considering that the situation of the girl child is not of her own making and does not exist in a vacuum, GCN Sierra Leone has made sure that those stakeholders with a say in her plight benefit from GCN’s work to achieve the total and holistic empowerment of the girl child in all spheres of life. Hence, to achieve the total empowerment of the girl child, the organisation also targets and works with community members, traditional and church leaders, religious groupings, and organisations working for and with children, government line ministries, the police, the courts and social welfare.

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