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Girl Resources Center Gets Facelift


The Director of Girl Child Network Sierra Leone, Anita Koroma, has said that her reasonfor giving a facelift to the Girl Resources Center that was opened by her organization is to see that every girl get a book to read, and to be empowered in education, voice, and in skills.

Madam Koroma made the remarks Monday shortly after her arrival from the United Kingdom (UK), where she was able to attract donors to support her dream of refurbishing the center, which is currently run by her organization.

She pointed out that education is the key for every woman and the nation as a whole to achieving success. “If the girls are left out of education in any nation, that nation is not complete,” she said, adding that the world is now moving on with the women and girls, and that Sierra Leone too should not lag behind.

Madam Koroma said she has brought with her learning and teaching materials from the UK that are ideal for babies and for pupils and students that are up to 21years, including books and DVDs in English, French, Science and Mathematics. The Girl Child Network Director also noted that internet browsing would be free for all their members. Someof the materials, she said, were given to her by the Badger Publishing House in the United Kingdom.

“We are now looking forward to the government to provide us with a bigger space,” she said, adding that what her organization is doing is line with the ‘Agenda for Prosperity’, which she said is all about good education, good health, and development in all areas of human interest.

Madam Koromasaid they wanted to expand their activities to Port Loko, Kambia and other districts cross Sierra Leone, but could not do so now because of land space.She called on her fellow humanitarians to be serious about their various projects, noting that “today there are too many projects run by humanitarians but not all of them produce results”.

To the beneficiaries, she said all hope is not lost, thus urging them to stand firm for their rights. “Standing up for your rights does not mean you have to be rude,” she admonished, adding that they are teaching their members to be good and law abiding citizens.

She further called on the parents of beneficiaries to help monitor their children so that they would not go astray.

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