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Who we are

In January 2011, Girl Child Network – Sierra Leone was formed in the United Kingdom by a woman activist from Sierra Leone who for long had a burning passion to do something to improve the situation of girls in post war country. After supporting girls at her former school in an Old Girls Association called Guadalupe Old Girls Association(GOGA-SiSTERS)for over a decade she became a household name and pressure came from girls to help with situations where girls are abused and drop-out of school. She approached CNN Hero for Protecting of the Powerless Betty Makoni who readily availed herself to share the Child Network Empowerment Model originally from Zimbabwe.


She flew back to Sierra Leone to start the Girl Child Network Chapter and the model was officially introduced in Sierra Leone in February 2011 as Girl Child Network – Sierra Leone Chapter. Girl Child Network Sierra Leone is now establishing as an activist local voluntary organisation that seeks to promote the rights and empowerment of the girl child in the home, school, and community. GCN was born out of the helplessness and hopelessness of the girl child in Zimbabwe and now in Sierra Leone with the view to assisting girls in their quest for emancipation.